Class of '88

"For God did not send His Son into the world that He might condemn the world,
but that the world might be saved through Him." John 3:17


Al Whatley
Andy Slaughter
Beth Bailey
Betsy Woueltjen
Carol Halstead
Christy Hinson
Coleman Bennett
Daniel West
Denise Howard
Emily Barrow
Frank Funderburk
Jeanie Harmon
Jeff English
Jennifer Piland
John Daniel
Julie Dillard
Kate Kanning
Kel Kelly
Kerry Powers
Laura Pridgen
Marty Morris
Matthew McBroom
Max Beverly
Ricky Murphy
Rob Kelly
Rosemary Salter
Scott Haskins
Shannon Whigham
R. Stewart Braswell
Terri Weaver
Wilson Brim

Brookwood's Class of '88

Celebrates Its 20th Year Reunion in 2008!

This is the area where we can list the names of the students of the Class of '88. 

After you reach the page of someone who has married, you will see the new and current name of the person.

Please encourage others to submit a photo or update or something to be placed on their pages.


Have I forgotten a name?  Did I add an extra name?  It has been 20 years  Help me!  Email the names of missing classmates or errors to  Thanks!

Also, I might have listed a name or two of our friends who didn't actually graduate with us.  It's best for me to put them on a separate page because this page is for Brookwood's Class of '88.  Please let me know at if I've added the name of someone who did not graduate with us.  Thanks!










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