Summer Gathering 2006 in Georgia

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Brookwood School's Class of '88 Summer Gathering in July '06


Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings to you from the United Arab Emirates.  I trust this text  finds you well and blessed.  

The recent Class of '88 Summer Gathering at the Family Camphouse (Friday Night) and My Little Cabin (Saturday Night) were both blessed occasions to spend time with old friends.  It's hard to believe that 18 years have passed since our graduation day from Brookwood School.  It was most enjoyable to see some of you, to get updates on others, and to simply have a good time of fellowship and food.

When I originally suggested to Matthew that a "few of us get together", I had no idea that all of the class and friends/faculty would eventually be invited.  For many of year, a clear invitation was only received within a week of the Gathering.  In the future, any such Gathering at the Braswell Camphouse or my Cabin will be planned farther in advance to allow for more of the class and friends to get together for a meaningful time of fellowship.  Nevertheless, the few of us that were present on Friday and/or Saturday had a great time.  If you weren't there, you were missed but not forgotten.

Please allow me to share with you some photos taken at the recent Gathering.  My camera was present for Friday's Gathering at the Camphouse.  I failed to remember to bring it to Saturday's Gathering at the Cabin.  For clarification, I'll give a brief explanation of some of the attached documents.  In case this email bounces back to me from someone's address, I will eventually get the pics to a page on my website.  When that takes place, I'll email a link to everyone.  

Some descriptions of attached files are as follows:

Flat 2410 - Al Marwa Tower.jpg
Flat 2410 - With UAE Aerial.jpg
These two jpg files give additional details about my home (Flat 2410) in Sharjah, UAE.  Should you or someone you know come to or pass through the UAE, please know that there's available accommodation for those looking for a quiet place of rest, relaxation, and/or refuge.  

The jpg pictures from USAMEX06-489 to USAMEX06-571 were taken on Friday Night at the Braswell Camphouse.  You may recognize a few friendly faces in them.  
Again, I apologize for not taking pictures on Saturday Night.  The Gathering at the Cabin was also special and much enjoyed.  If you were present on Friday and have additional pics to share, please send them!

The last two pictures USAMEX06-592 and USAMEX06-595 are taken of my little Cabin.  When I'm in the USA, the little Cabin is my own place of rest, relaxation, and/or refuge.  

I know that Matthew is putting together a short history "blog" from each person in the Class of '88; however, there's only a brief history for the classmates who actually send their information to him!  Please do so ASAP if you haven't.  Most of us would like to have an update on fellow friends and classmates.  Since I haven't seen most of you for 18 years, I know I would enjoy reading the updates.

Well, I'll go for now.  I just wanted to take a moment to say "hello", to thank those who made a special effort to get together, to thank Matthew and his wife Kim who spent MANY MANY HOURS searching for email addresses and contacting people, and to share with you some photos and other information.  I have a big thanks for my father who spent time and used his skill to cook some mouth-watering and tasty steaks.  mmm mmm  Yes, we had good food with the fellowship!

Have a blessed day!

Thinking of you...

Stewart :)

R. Stewart Braswell
P.O. Box 23693
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates




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