UAE Engagement and Wedding

"For God did not send His Son into the world that He might condemn the world,
but that the world might be saved through Him." John 3:17


Night of Arrival - 7th OCT 07
Ring Selection
First Full Day
Contract for New Home
Days 3 and 4
Iftar With Abu Adnan
Jumeirah Hilton Brunch 1
Habbal Feast
The Engagement Ring
The Engagement (Compromiso)
Day After Engagement
OCT 2007: Novia - Prometida - Esposa
US Consulate y CityScape
Hiba's Birthday
Jumeirah Hilton Brunch 2
Saturday, 20 October 2007
Drawings of Luvi
21 to 25 October
Day Before Wedding
Wedding Day Morning
Wedding Lunch Celebration
Wedding Ceremony in UAE
Wedding Night Portraits (Color)
Wedding Night Portraits (Black and White)
Day After Wedding
Dinner at The Habbals
RAK Feast
Dinner at Gomathy and Krishnan's



Mi Prometida Luvi in The United Arab Emirates

7th October to 6th November 2007

Here, you can see some pictures of our special memories together!




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