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"For God did not send His Son into the world that He might condemn the world,
but that the world might be saved through Him." John 3:17


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In these pages we will look at the world today from a distinctively Christian worldview. I will not "tickle your ears" but rather proclaim to you the sometimes hard truth that America so desperately needs to hear.



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Americans Go To War for Their Schools

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EO#13083 "Federalism"
Manufactured Prosperity
Welfare: Is it Biblical?
Goals 2000
Redefining our values
Americans Go To War for Their Schools
Mikhail Gorbachev's New World Order
Bilderbergers Planned Kosovo War in 1996
The Council on Foreign Relations
Banks to Profile Customers!
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Signs of the Last Days
 Discrimination and hatred against Christians
 Religious Cleansing
 Religion Czar
 The Politics of Hate
 Love and concern for others grows cold
 Lawlessness abounding
 Justice Redefined
 Injustice in America
 Death in the Schoolyard
 Children with guns don't kill people
 Who's responsible for the violence?
 The Homosexualization of America
 The Politicization of AIDS
Final Judgement

Dangerous Deceptions
The New Age Agenda
 Seven Major Teachings of the New Age
 The False Green Gospel
Cults and Crazy Thinking
The Feminist Movement
 The Impact of Feminism on the Family
 The Infiltration of Feminism in the Church
 Re-Imagining Sophia
Backsliding, turning from the faith, betrayal
 The Charismatic Movement

Roman Catholicism
The Blessed Virgin Mary
Visions of the Virgin
Baha'i World Faith
Are Baha'is Christian?
Public schools embrace Islam - a shocker
The Spirit of Babylon at Heaven's Gate
Earth in the Balance
The Clinton Agenda
High Crimes and Misdemeanors
The Clinton Crime Family
Clinton Casualties
President Clinton's address to the nation concerning Monica Lewinsky
The Starr Report
President Clinton's address to the nation concerning Monica Lewinsky - Line-by-line Analysis


Devaluation of Life
The Culture of Death
The Death of a Nation
The Slippery Slope
Partial Birth Abortion
Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act
Chemical Abortions: A New Battlefront
Seeking Common Ground on Abortion
The End of Abortion

The Trashing of America
Assault on Liberty in America
 Destroying America
 9/11 Remembered
Assault on the First Amendment Second Amendment
Ninth AmendmentTenth Amendment
What Happened to Free Speech?
Assault on Values in America
 Stand Up For America
The Money Trail
Socialists in the U.S. House of Representatives
Smoking: The Latest Deception to Steal Your Money
National Lawyer Enrichment Program
UPS vs Teamsters: A look at greed and discontentment in the workforce.
What people are saying about the article on the Teamsters vs. UPS.
Higher Insurance Rates for Safety
Observations on the News
Assault on Morality in America
 The Homosexual Agenda
 Affirmative Action for Homosexuals
 Homosexuality as a Civil Right
 Teaching Homosexuality in Public Schools
Bill Clinton's Foundational Philosophy for the Socialist State
Socialists in the House






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