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1. Which of the following is not a type of personal computer? [  6    ]


a. desktop                                                        c. mainframe

b. notebook                                                      d. netbook


2. The part that is considered the brains of the computer is  called the ________ processing

unit. [  5    ]

a. main                                                             c. operating

b. central                                                          d. local


3. The idea of stored programs means that instructions for a computing task can be loaded into a computerís ________. [    5  ]


a. hard drive                                                      c. operating system

b. memory                                                        d. software


4. The system ________  is the core hardware in a computer system; it houses important parts such as the circuit boards, processor, power supply, and storage devices. [  2    ]


a. processor                                                     c. drive

b. memory                                                        d. unit


5. A device that expands a computerís capability is called a(n) ________  device. [   3   ]


a. input                                                             c. output

b. peripheral                                                      d. processing


6. The ________ refers to the computer device that makes it possible to send video. [  9    ]


a. Web cam                                                      c. mp3 player

b. scanner                                                         d. netbook


7. A(n) ________  system is the software that acts as the master controller for all of the activities that take place within a computer system. [  10    ]


a. application                                                    c. digital

b. processor                                                     d. operating


8. A computer ________ consists of two or more computers and other devices that are connected for the  purpose of sharing data and programs. [    9  ]

a. system                                                          c. netbook

b. network                                                         d. hardware


9. The two big differences between desktop and notebook computers are ________ and cost. [   6   ]


a. power                                                           c. physical size

b. operating systems                                         d. software


10. A________  is the system unit of choice for computer owners who want to upgrade because it is

easy to get inside and swap parts. [  6    ]


a. tower unit                                                      c. netbook

b. notebook                                                      d. PDA


11. The ________ often provides a clue to the contents of a file. [   5   ]


a. browser                                                         c. filename

b. application                                                    d. operating system


12. A ________ computer has one button or switch, often located on the keyboard that turns on the computer, the monitor, and the speakers. [     6 ]


a. desktop unit                                                  c. tower unit

b. notebook                                                      d. PDA


13. A(n) ________  is a personal journal posted on the Web for access by the public. [ 12    ]


a. chat                                                              c. instant message

b. email                                                            d. blog


14. An email account has a unique address that typically consists of a user ID, the ________ symbol, and the

name of the computer that maintains the mailbox. [  14    ]


a. @                                                                 c. &

b. #                                                                  d. *


15. Every Web page has a unique address called a(n) ________. [  13    ]


a. ARL                                                              c. RUL

b. URL                                                              d. LUR


16. Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace are examples of Web sites that provide social ________  . [  12    ]


a. chatting                                                         c. networking

b. blogging                                                       d. email


17. To find information on the Web, it is best to use a ________ engine. [   13   ]


a. Web                                                              c. search

b. home                                                            d. program


18. A Web ________  is a series of Web pages on a specific topic. [ 13     ]


a. home                                                            c. group

b. site                                                               d. URL


19. Digital  ________ is the trend in which several technologies with distinct functionalities evolve to form a

single product. [  3    ]


a. revolution                                                      c. divide

b. electronics                                                    d. convergence


20. A(n) ________ is any word or phrase that you type in a search engine to describe the information that

you are trying to find. [    13  ]


a. keyword                                                        c. verb

b. adjective                                                       d. Web word




































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