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GradeQuick Web

GradeQuick Web: Web-based Teacher Gradebook Software

Introducing GradeQuick Web, the web-based teacher gradebook that integrates with our Administrator's Plus student information system. Whether teachers work at multiple sites within a school district, or simply want the convenience of home use, GradeQuick Web provides instant access to current gradebook data from any computer with an Internet connection.

GradeQuick Web - Technical Features and Benefits
  • Integrated: GradeQuick Web is integrated with our Administrator's Plus school management software system.
  • No class setup: Even before the teacher logs into GradeQuick Web for the first time, all their classes are created automatically. GradeQuick offers turn-key integration with more than 100 student information systems.
  • Always in sync: As soon as schedules are updated from your student information system, the next time a teacher logs into GradeQuick Web - even in a separate building or at home - that roster change will be reflected in the teacher's gradebook.
  • Only one place for gradebook data: Because GradeQuick Web always brings up the most current gradebook data from any location, teachers no longer need to check files in or out from the network, or concern themselves with gradebook file version control.
  • Secure web-based data transfer: Whether it's one private school, or a public district with hundreds of thousands of students, data entered by teachers into GradeQuick Web from any location transfers over https via secure 128-bit encryption.
  • A proven, enterprise-scale web platform: GradeQuick Web utilizes the leading, proven Edline web hosting and portal platform that has reliably supported thousands of online schools for years. GradeQuick Web can be easily and rapidly deployed for a single school, or can scale to support large district, regional, or state implementations.
  • One-click migration to GradeQuick Web: If your school or district already uses GradeQuick, or would rather start with GradeQuick Network Edition, you can easily migrate all your gradebook data back and forth between GradeQuick Web and GradeQuick Network Edition at your convenience - at any point in the school year - with our one-click migration tool.
GradeQuick Web - Benefits for Teachers
  • Only one place for gradebook data: Because GradeQuick Web always brings up the most current gradebook data from any location, teachers no longer need to check files in or out from the network, or concern themselves with gradebook file version control.
  • Desktop-like GUI performance for teachers: Teachers need not sacrifice any speed or responsiveness when using GradeQuick Web. While IT personnel receive all of the deployment, data management, and version control benefits of a web-based system, teachers benefit from a special "plug-in" that provides a desktop-quality interface with the speed and responsiveness teachers expect. The GradeQuick Web plug-in runs (and auto-updates) seamlessly through the browser and requires no IT administration.
  • No need to re-train teachers: For current customers, GradeQuick Web has the same functionality and easy-to-use graphical interface that your teachers already know - which means that moving to GradeQuick Web involves no teacher training. It can be done quickly and easily, at any time of year (see one-click migration above).
  • Teacher web lockers for class materials: With GradeQuick Web, teachers receive web "file lockers" where they can store class materials and assignments (e.g., MS Word, Adobe PDF, etc.) for easy access at home, at school, or anywhere else with internet access. With web access to files, documents, and gradebook data, teachers no longer need temporary physical storage devices (USB, CDRom, etc.) to work at home and at school.
GradeQuick Web - Benefits for the School Community

Web calendars for departments and committees: GradeQuick Web provides powerful web-based calendaring for staff communication. The system combines calendars from multiple, separately managed groups (e.g. sports committee, general staff, English dept) into one personalized calendar view for each teacher. Group calendar permissions can be set to allow access by all staff, or only members of a specific group. This flexible system can also be extended to support exam calendars or resource allocation/availability calendars.

Web bulletins, discussion boards, and file-sharing: GradeQuick Web also supports group web pages on a secure, web-based "teacher intranet". Each department or committee can have its own web page, including...

  • News
  • File/Document sharing
  • Calendar
  • Curriculum content
  • Discussion board
  • Forms

Group permissions can be set to allow general teacher access or restrict access to group members as appropriate. With GradeQuick Web, you can reduce paper-based expenses while simultaneously improving staff communication.

Other GradeQuick Web Benefits

All the other benefits of GradeQuick, including:

  • Turn-key integration with over 100 student information systems
  • Round-trip attendance
  • Flexible reporting and analysis
  • Standards-based solutions
  • Lesson planner
  • Parent communication
  • The leading GUI for teacher use
  • Enterprise-scalability












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